Clinical Project Management & Clinical Operations Expertise

Zanteris brings you customized solutions for the management of your clinical trials by using experienced Clinical Project/Clinical Operations Managers, providing a flexible and optimal support to the CRO, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries.

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Mike is a former Associate Project Director.

An innovative, pro-active, conscientious, leader with extensive knowledge of drug development in multiple therapeutic areas. Possesses a proven track-record of excellent operational and strategic leadership, customer management and portfolio oversight delivering quality and value propositions.

Bringing the experience and lessons learned of 50+ projects and programs over 13 years of industry experience with a consistent ‘can do’ attitude. A nimble, flexible, result oriented leader who thrives on quality, reliability and driving cultural anchors to support the management or oversight of your clinical trials.


Why should you delegate us your Clinical Operations or Clinical Project Management activities?

    • Cost savings, profit increase, quality work, change in mind set
    • Improves company focus
    • Expands talent pool
    • Shares culture and values

Why Clinical Project Management is key?

Our dedicated Project Manager will ensure:

  • To work with you as an extension of your team
  • Your clinical research study is executed on time and with the highest quality, fulfilling good clinical practice ie ICH-GCP and regulatory requirements
  • To achieve within time and cost, but also to identify mitigations or contingencies for any risks that are likely to impact on the time, quality and finance of your medical research study
  • To use best practices, demonstrated expertise and ensure that your clinical research study is delivered as expected

Key focus areas include:

  • Expedite study startup activities
  • Patient recruitment adequate strategy
  • High-quality oversight of project delivery
  • Collaborative and risk-based decision-making, escalation as required
  • Strong leadership

Why is Leadership a key aspect for success?

A leader is someone who:

  • is willing to step up and not afraid to speak up
  • have a vision and a common goal with the team
  • acts for the greater good of those around him/her
  • create and environment of trust and unleashed innovative ideas from team members
  • go out on a limb for those that they believe in
  • put ego aside, act in a humble way and leverage expertise with their team

Finally, a leader recognizes and develops talent from their own team.

Why is Zanteris the right partner for successfully deliver your clinical trial?

  • Proven Experience in Clinical Research 
  • High Quality, Actionable Data
  • Project Manager Development
  • Effective Communication and Transparency


Zanteris proposes Clinical Operations consulting, experienced Clinical Project Management along with Project Manager skillset to optimize the execution of your clinical trials

The expertise you need

Zanteris team consists exclusively of member who have decades of experience in medical research studies.
The pilar of our methods is based on leadership, collaboration, trust and transparency.

What we do

Our model is a compilation of the most successful management techniques and capabilities observed across our experience managing clinical trials, currently applied to provide a customized customer experience.

Why we’re different

Zanteris is dedicated to improve patient health and to ensure we can make a difference. We believe Leadership is in the moment, it should be an integral part of the daily management, and it should serve to share common goals and makes a difference



... A great team player, mentor and peer to have on any team. A solid clinical research professional with a keen interest in Oncology drug development...

Executive Director

Program Delivery
US CRO company