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Providing Clinical Operations, Project Management resourcing, and Consulting services within the Pharmaceutical industry, we use our deep expertise to identify quality solutions that help you execute your clinical study on time.

With a willingness to help sponsors and CROs accelerate the delivery of innovative treatments to patients, our model is comprised of the most successful management techniques. Utilizing our experience of managing clinical trials across a range of medical conditions, we apply our focus towards providing a tailored customer experience backed by strong data.

Dedicated to optimized studies and risk management, our goal is to support your race in drug development.

Mike Failly, PhD

Mike is the founder and Managing Director at Zanteris. A former Associate Project Director of SYNEOS HEALTH, Mike now proposes a unique Clinical Operations expertise approach to the Pharmaceutical Industry to maximize the execution of clinical trials.
Bringing the experience and lessons learned of 50+ projects and programs over 13 years of industry experience with a consistent ‘can do’ attitude. His mission is to provide a different approach in delivering Clinical Operations & Outsourcing services, but also to work differently from that of the mass market.

Mike’s experience background includes roles as Study Coordinator, Clinical Trial Associate, Clinical Team Manager and Project Management roles within CRO, pharma industry company and hospital for more than a decade before founding what is now Zanteris.

Over the last 5 years, his focus was on supporting Associate Project Managers/Project Managers development, through line management and development of Project Manager mindset, but also to support corporate initiative and dedicate Project Management skills to manage complex studies or program.

Mike has felt for some time, the need for a different approach in delivering Clinical Operations & Outsourcing services to work differently from that of the mass market. Zanteris’ reputation is based on an expert understanding of the industry and an in depth knowledge of clinical trial management, cross-functional team and company cultures, essential to the successful completion of clinical research studies.


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Pharmaceutical Contract Management Group (PCMG)

Project Management Institute (PMI)


French Healthcare Association


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