Clinical Project Manager development

You need a little refresher on Project Manager skills or to develop your team on Leadership skills ?
Looking for addressing or fixing a specific problem or challenge?

Zanteris Training Division brings you a wide variety of Clinical Project Management topics customized to meet your exact needs.
We can bring to your facility the quality content and the instructor allowing you to remain under control of your training costs for your team.


Together with you, Zanteris will evaluate the amount of time required for your project.

Is it 1 day a week? 2 days in a row? We will make sure that you have access to your Project Manager expert for the time you need, and to make sure that you can proceed with your project.


Maybe you just need someone to validate your intuition and therefore a face-to-face meeting is not necessarily mandatory?

Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will discuss your needs.


Project Manager : CEO of the Project

Covering the Clinical project Manager values, mindset and most common mistakes


Description and examples of Contract types/modification, Resourcing and Profitability but also Milestones

Study Management

How to Plan, organize, and schedule in an effective manner? But also Planning to expedite Start-up, Risk & Scope Management

Communication and Behavior

How to combine Customer and Team satisfaction? How to lead a Team? Negotiation skills and managing changes

Leadership skills

Identify your Strategy as a Leader, making decisions and communication to others, risks and failure process, Emotional Intelligence

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In order to provide the best in class Project Manager training, we develop and adapt our training materials based on your specific needs and current challenges encountered.

You decide the approach that fits your needs best as we offer all solutions: conducting face to face training sessions, providing online training tailored to your type of needs.

Knowledge is everything! A clinical trial can only be successful if key involved stakeholders are appropriately trained.

What’s like working with us

… goes above and beyond to mentor junior staff and equip them with the tools they need to develop into well-rounded PMs and above all, strong leaders… employs a range of interesting and engaging resources including case studies, literature (e.g. emotional intelligence), and interactive training sessions, all of which are underpinned by core project management principles… which allowing me to grow into an effective leader.

Clinical Project Manager
Project Management / Oncology
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