Our approach


Zanteris is motivated by a real passion for science and health. We combine clinical, academic and industry expertise with an ability to envisage our clients’ strategic and business objectives.

Zanteris team is providing clinical operations, clinical project management services and consists exclusively of members who have decades of experience in medical research studies. We are providing expertise in therapeutic areas such as Oncology, Immunology and Cardiology clinical trials.

The pillar of our methods is based on collaboration, leadership, trust and transparency. Our best achievement is to work with you, not just for you. We’d like considering ourselves to be an extension of your team using a smooth and effective approach while delivering for the project. What can we do for you?


While Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act toward achieving a common goal, collaboration enables individuals to work together to achieve a defined and common business purpose. At Zanteris, our mission includes strong leadership based on team work.

Our experience allows us to manage studies whatever the study takes place, the culture or the customer. Whether this is with face-to-face meeting or remotely, it’s critical we learn more about each other in order to successfully anticipate your needs for delivering clinical research studies. We consider as essential we share similar beliefs and values, as well as similar business ethics. This will support all of us to better understand what do you aspire to achieve and get a clear understanding of your objectives.

Extension of your team

At Zanteris, we rely on “people” to support the successful delivery of your clinical trial. One of the key factors is their way of thinking to evaluate what’s happening around us in order to act appropriately. This includes a deep evaluation of all aspects around the study anticipate to anticipate any risks and issues.

With the support of our team at Zanteris, you can work with individuals who can help your organization thrive and succeed using the aforementioned knowledge and leadership capabilities.
Our flexibility and expertise in the field allow us to learn more about your company culture, mission, vision, and other particulars necessary to make the right match between your organization and us.


Zanteris is a French CRO currently providing services supporting a successful planning and execution of your clinical trial. We are specialized in Oncology, Immunology and Cardiology management of clinical trials.

Our current and historical experience provide us with a clear understanding of how to manage either national or complex clinical trials from a Project Management perspective that are essential to the achievement of your objectives.

What we do

Our model is a compilation of the most successful management techniques and capabilities observed across our experience managing clinical trials, currently applied to provide a customized customer experience. We are committed to helping our customers delivering quality data across a broad range of medical conditions.

Our specialized team is dedicated to strive for study optimization and risk management throughout the management of the clinical trial. Overall, this is to support your drug development race.

Why do customers choose us

There are lots of reasons a customer could choose our business, quickly summarized: customer service, competitive pricing, and the quality of service itself.

However, at Zanteris, we are here for you because the primary reason is we love what we do. This is perfectly illustrated by the quote comes from Simon Sinek. “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”

This quote highlights the different reasons why a customer chooses to do business with a specific company. Passion, dedication, trust, flexibility and expertise are among them.


We have an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. This expertise coupled with passion and principled staff, makes a perfect combination to support you in achieving your enrollment expectations and objectives.


Leadership should be an integral part of the plan, and it should be effective !
The team should be dynamic and flexible for your company, not a stagnating brochure waiting for inspiration
We should serve and share your goals
Transparency and collaboration should make us successful

How to leverage team’s expertise

As Project Manager and leader of the team — whether it consists of a small group, or a bigger one, this is critical to foster the team at different levels.

As Project Management service, we will work together on how we are envisioning Leadership that should help to Maximise Team Performance and successfully deliver for your clinical trial.

Begin with the end

At Zanteris, we are here to anticipate any issues or risks. How to be proactive? This is perfectly illustrated by the quote comes from Stephen R. Covey. “Begin with the End in Mind”

This quote highlights how we are envisioning pro-activity at Zanteris. Do we have a clear understanding of our destination? The ultimate goal is to better understand where we are now, what are the issues and risks, so we can take all necessary actions we take to go to the right direction.