Clinical Research Trends in The Pharmaceutical Industry

Clinical Research Trends in The Pharmaceutical Industry | Zanteris

In 2023, the clinical trial market is set to enter a brand-new period of potential. Opportunities to improve productivity in all phases of clinical trials are greater than they have ever been thanks to the proliferation of game-changing technology and the advent of widespread process automation. How will innovations like hybrid trials and more sustainable […]

Challenges Faced by Patients, Physicians, and Pharma in Clinical Trials

Challenges Faced by Patients, Physicians, and Pharma in Clinical Trials | Zanteris

Important new medications and therapies can’t be created without clinical trials first. The objective of these research efforts is to determine the viability and usefulness of potential new treatments and medical equipment. Whether or not these products ought to be made available to the public depends heavily on the results of clinical trials.   Despite […]

Various Types and Phases of Clinical Trials

Various Types and Phases of Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are a vital step in developing new medical treatments. They evaluate the safety and efficacy of new drugs, medical devices, and other therapies before making them available to the general public. Clinical trials are conducted in several types and phases, each with specific objectives and requirements. Understanding the different types and phases of […]

Overview of Functional CROs in Clinical Operations

Overview of Functional CROs

According to Business Wire, nearly three out of four clinical trials are conducted by contract research organizations (CROs) [1]. Every clinical trial involves complex overlapping processes and also requires expertise and significant experience. For this reason, CROs form an important part of clinical trials.   CROs support the medical and biotech industries by providing clinical […]

Significance of Clinical Trials in Healthcare

Significance of Clinical Trials

In evidence-based medicine, clinical trials are critical because they help in testing out new medicines. These include possible treatments or even vaccines. In most cases, clinical trials involve a significant number of people, typically called human volunteers. These volunteers are imperative to ensure that the new intervention is a safe and effective one.   Some […]

The Functional Service Provider Model

Functional Service Provider Model

Introduction The rise of Functional Service Providers (FSPs) in the field of clinical research implies that biopharmaceutical companies embrace and adapt to change and innovations. Over the years, it is undeniable that conducting a clinical trial has become more challenging, costly, and complex. For companies and organizations that have their in-house clinical research operations department, […]

The Current State of Clinical Information Systems

Clinical Information Systems State

Introduction Errors are always costly. In fact, mistakes can cost a fortune. In clinical science, oversight doesn’t always translate into financial loss. Sometimes, accumulated missteps can lead to unwanted fatalities. In a paper published by Andel, Davidow, Hollander, & Moreno, “The Economics of Healthcare Quality and Medical Errors” (2012)[1], the cost of medical errors in […]

Frequently Asked Questions in Joining a Clinical Trial

Joining a Clinical Trial FAQs

Introduction Contrary to popular belief, clinical trials are not entirely new. In fact, it has been around for almost 300 years. One of the earliest known clinical trials in the modern era is performed by a physician named Dr. James Lind. In 1747, Dr. Lind performed a comparative trial about what might be the most […]

Why Do Clinical Trials Fail?

Why Clinical Trials Fail

When clinical trials fail, not only the sponsors but also the patients lose something. The average overall likelihood of approval (LOA) by the FDA from Phase 1 of clinical trials was only 9.6% [1]. Only one out of ten trials make it to approval and commercialization. In addition, the estimated amount of clinical trial cost […]

Considerations in Clinical Research

Considerations in Clinical Research

Giving fact-based answers to crucial medical questions is the essence of clinical research. To do this straightforward yet complex objective, the clinical operations department should function in accordance with solid scientific approaches. Producing authentic and well-grounded information is one of the many purposes of clinical trials. The goals of a clinical trial are often shaped […]