Ethical Concerns in Clinical Trials

Ethics is defined as the moral principles that a person follows in conducting a certain activity. It is the moral codes that influence an individual’s beliefs, behavior, and choices in life. In other words, ethics is the governing principles or standards of decency that a person adheres to. In today’s society, ethics serve as a […]

Factors in Clinical Trial Failures

90% of Clinical Trials fail. Even after all the investment in time and resources, only 1 out of 10 clinical projects passes testing and regulatory approval. According to Dr. Duxin Sun, a professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Michigan, developing one successful drug through clinical projects takes around 10 to 15 years and […]

Successful Project Management in Clinical Research

“Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet.” Henry Mitzberg claims that management is the convergence of different skills, knowledge, and discipline. These elements are being utilized to carry out whatever it is that an individual or group is managing. These key attributes can clearly define the outcome of whatever it is […]

Evaluating Clinical Studies

Evaluation is the act of critical examination of a program that involves collection and analysis of information about its processes, characteristics, and results. The purpose of evaluation is to assess or conclude about the effectiveness of a program or what improvements should be done to it in order to achieve desired results. To evaluate is to monitor a […]

Why Clinical Trials Should Be Well-Controlled

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” This famous quotation from one of the greatest thinkers, Aristotle, best describes how people’s characters are defined by what they consistently perform or achieve. From this powerful line, it can be inferred that excellence, or “results”, can be achieved through […]

Corporate Social Responsibility in The Clinical Research Field for Zanteris

Although former US President Benjamin Franklin said “well done is better than well said”, it is undeniable that public impressions, especially in the modern world, are determinants whether a person, a project, or a company would succeed or fail. In the digitally modern corporate world, image is everything. One example of a prominent company that […]

Roles and Responsibilities of a Clinical Project Manager

Conducting Clinical Research trials is a complex and costly task. It involves a large amount of money, many people, and a lengthy amount of time. The purpose of Clinical Trials could vary from project to project. For example, a Clinical Trial is being done to investigate the efficacy of new drugs or treatments, efficiency and […]

Reviewing a Clinical Research Paper

Whether because of biases or lack of insight and information, all people commit errors. As what an ancient Latin proverb says, “Hummanum est errare”, to err is human. It is inherent for human beings to overlook their own actions; even if they consider themselves experts in their own field.   In the sphere of Medical […]

Factors To Consider In Making a Clinical Research

Clinical Research is being done to extrapolate, explain, and explore various medical concerns through data and experimentation. Basically, the objective of a Clinical Research is to answer a medical inquiry, concern or an unmet medical need. However, Clinical Research or Clinical Trials can also discuss the improvement of treatments, effectiveness of medications, and cost-efficiency of […]

Keys To Success With Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials is a specialized area of study that faces an ever-changing environment. The shifts in this field are happening constantly and rapidly. The changes are taking place not only within the variables being observed but also on external factors such as legal and regulatory landscapes, new findings and discoveries, technological and methodological advancements, and […]